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Consolidated Information Systems is an organization committed to taking technological advances for businesses beyond simple implementation, but to the next plateau of innovation.  By empowering your employees to embrace and leverage technology in day-to-day operations, your company will make a smooth and successful transition from traditional methods to state of the art approaches.

Our wide range of talents across multiple vertical and horizontal industries which enable us to deliver a full-range of technology solutions giving your organization a single point of contact for it's technology needs.  We offer a unique set of innovative tools, experience, and expertise from our certified professionals to translate your business requirements into flexible and scalable application systems.

In today's ever-changing business environment, you need the agility to turn your business on demand.  Please allow our seasoned professionals to help you improve profitability, operate more efficiently and compete more effectively.

About us

Our experienced technologists at Consolidated Information Systems are well versed in architecting and implementing technology based solutions.  We help you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technologies to make your businesses more responsive to opportunities and ventures, improve overall productivity, and reduce costs related to information technology.

Our expertise in delivering the right solution truly differentiates our firm from others.  We hand select members of a focused team, depending on the project, that deliver high-value, measurable results by working collaboratively with clients through a user-centered methodology.  This particular approach enhances return-on-investment by significantly reducing the time and risk associated with designing and implementing integrated solutions within their organization.

Furthermore, we place strong emphasis on building lasting relationships with clients and being 100% consumed by referrals.  Since the firm's inception in 2002, more than 80% of our revenue was derived from repeat business.  This reflects our continued commitment to quality and affordable consulting as well as the long-term partnerships we build with our clients.


On Demand Support Services

Designed to address the needs of clients that want a highly responsive, professional, and reliable IT support resource available to them when the need arises, but don't necessarily need or want ongoing management services.  On Demand Support Services are priced on a per incident or hourly basis.

Managed Support Services

We offer proactive support and planning of your IT systems, as well as support for your employees using those systems.  These services are priced on a flat monthly fee for unlimited service - providing budget predictability and ease of access to your systems.

Existing clients may use our online service request system to receive prompt service.

Other support related questions will be handled in the order that they're received.  


Consolidated Information Systems designs and delivers a full-range of technology solutions that enables your firm to become more responsive to business demands and opportunities.  This enables you to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners; improve productivity and reduce technological service costs.  When our consultants create a technology strategy for each of our clients, we're enabling the opportunity to operate a real-time enterprise that dynamically adapts processes and systems to the ever changing demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We strive to focus on real business value and return-on-investment (ROI) opportunities.  This includes determining and establishing specific objectives and benchmarks at the outset of any project.  Additionally, by working together with our firm's strategic partners, we are better able to provide you with the best solutions that parallel your specific business needs.

To discuss your needs for our services in more detail, please contact us.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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